Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Android tightens grip: 105 mn in Q1

Got an I Phone? You are in the minority. Four Android phones were shipped for every iPhone in the second quarter, research firm IDC said on Wednesday. That’s up from a ratio of 2.5 to 1 year-on-year. The success of Samsung’s Android phones helped Google’s operating system extend its dominance in the smartphone market. Samsung Electronics and other phone makers shipped nearly 105 million Android smartphones in Q1, giving Android 68% of the market, from 47% last year.
The gains came largely at the expense of Blackberry sets made by Research in Motion and Symbian phones made largely by Nokia Corp. Each saw its market share drop below 5%.
Apple’s iPhone, powered by its iOS software, saw its market share fall to 17% from 19%. But the firm shipped more iPhones than a year ago. Apple is the No.2 smartphone maker, behind Samsung, and is likely to get a boost when it releases its new iPhone model.

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