Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Login Your Facebook By Three Passwords

It is very interesting that you login your Facebook account by three passwords in which one will the main password that is created by you and another can be made by toggling the case of characters that form your original password.
For example, if your password of Facebook is nitin@nSingh, then, you convert it uppercase letter to lowercase and toggled password will be NITIN@NsINGH., you can try this by logging into your Facebook account.
               You can also use multiples username as well as password for login. The default username is the email address which is associated with your Facebook account but you can also use your username for login. And if you already registered your mobile number at the time of account creation, you can also use your mobile number as your username at the time of login.
 Thus, if you have accidentally enabled CAPS Lock On the keyboard, the toggled password would still work on Facebook.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Use Your Twitter in Your Office Hours

Many Companies have thought that Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc. are time wastage and they ban these sites in their office hours.
                    If you work in companies having these policies then you have to do- Install a Twitter mobile application on your cell phone and do not use your office computer for tweeting or you can use tools like Posterous or Nutshell that allow you to send and recive tweets through regular office email. Here is another option if twitter.com is blocked by your office, you use your twitter account by third party sites like Brizzly or Dabr.
                               Second one method is, if you want to use twitter without letting anyone, you use Quitter, that is a simple twitter client which is run by command prompt or by DOS Window. By Quitter, you can read and reply to tweets, follow/unfollow peoples and you can also manage your Direct messages.
If you use Microsoft Office then Spreadtweet is the best option for you, with this you can receive updates, reply and also your direct messages.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

How much you have to wait for apply in Google Adsense

Many Publishers from India and other Countries are think about whether they use Adsense on their new sites but Google not mentioned in their policy the requirement for apply.

Requirement to get Approval from Adsense- Adsense approval depends upon the viewer and impression on her blog. Google look quality of contents. Do not use non-content stuff, more scripts and more ads.
            Many Blogs says there are six month requirement to apply on Google Adsense. This rule is only for India and China, and for other Countries there are no requirement for six month.
But personally, I recommend you to wait for six month and apply when you get a good amount of traffic amount, no. of subscribers and minimum thousands of pageviewer per day. Do not use copy and paste this is suicide for a blogger use original contents only.

Friday, 27 July 2012

How can you change your Facebook Page URL

When we create Facebook Page, there will be a automatic URL like this-

When many users “like” your Facebook page, you would have a rememberable username, look like this-

Once you claim your URL there are no option to change it. Only workaround was that delete the old Facebook page and recreate a new page with desired Username.
                                                Be very careful when choosing the new URL for your Facebook page because you are allowed to change the username only one and last time.
                     To get start, open any of your Facebook pages, go to- Edit Page
-> Update info and Click the ‘Change Username’ link under the Username option.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Make Amazon Affilate store to your Blog in a Minute

Amazon Associates is the best way to earn Revenue by your blog traffic. I am telling you the  method how to implement Amazon store without any coding and plugins. Follow these steps-

1-     Visit Amazon Associates website after that signup/login. You will get your account area.
2-     Then, click on “a store”. Add option and add a new tracking ID for tracking store.
3-     Create a store Pages. In every page you get three options to choose product.
·        Pick product from each.
·        Display product list.

4-     In next step you can customize, design your store by applying the theme and edit     CSS option followed by name of your store.
5-     Next, sidebar widgets put it left or right. Then you will get a link which you can share with others.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My First Post

Hello Friends,

I am going to write my new post today. Today is very special day because we have got our new President as Pranab Mukherjee. Very-Very congratulate  Mahamahim Pranav Mukherjee.
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