Saturday, 4 August 2012

Reasons For Loving New

I am using Gmail since2005 but the new is very good in their features, and I think it is better than Gmail. I am spending time and use outlook their I found many useful features which will not found anywhere in other mail services.
The reasons for loving are –

1-     Its speed is so fast. Outlook is fast than other services.
2-     The best feature which I got is- You can sign-in with a Temporary password, If you have mention your mobile phone to your outlook account, you can sign in with this number from any computer without using your actual password. Just click the “sign in with a single use code” link on the screen and Microsoft will send you a temporary password in a text message which expire on your first use. This is useful when you logging from a public computer. Where Gmail has two step verification.
3-     Google integrated a social network in my mailbox but no one can can use it, where as Outlook is integrated with many social network like Facebook, Linked in , Twitter.
4-     You can short your emails by size. You can also delete the message which contains big attachments and you can recover your space with a click.
5-     You can send Large files and attachment (less then 25 MB). And it is also integrated with Skydive, if you use the file larger than 25MB skydrive will automatically send it.
6-     You can block emails from particular address or Domains and for bulk, Go to your Outlook setting choose safe and blocked sender under the ‘Preventing junk mail’. There you can specify domain names or particular email address.
7-     You can use HTML and CSS in your rich emails with images, headings, aligned text and other formatting.
8-     You can get Disposable E-mail address inside the Outlook. Hotmail lets you create temporary email aliases that are just regular email address but you can delete them and create new one.
9-     You can easily recover your deleted mails, just by opening the ‘Deleted’ folder in Outlook and click on the link ‘recover deleted massage’.
10-You can use unlimited storage space for your mails and attachments where as Gmail offers only 10 GB of storage for free accounts.

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