Saturday, 28 July 2012

How much you have to wait for apply in Google Adsense

Many Publishers from India and other Countries are think about whether they use Adsense on their new sites but Google not mentioned in their policy the requirement for apply.

Requirement to get Approval from Adsense- Adsense approval depends upon the viewer and impression on her blog. Google look quality of contents. Do not use non-content stuff, more scripts and more ads.
            Many Blogs says there are six month requirement to apply on Google Adsense. This rule is only for India and China, and for other Countries there are no requirement for six month.
But personally, I recommend you to wait for six month and apply when you get a good amount of traffic amount, no. of subscribers and minimum thousands of pageviewer per day. Do not use copy and paste this is suicide for a blogger use original contents only.

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