Sunday, 29 July 2012

Use Your Twitter in Your Office Hours

Many Companies have thought that Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc. are time wastage and they ban these sites in their office hours.
                    If you work in companies having these policies then you have to do- Install a Twitter mobile application on your cell phone and do not use your office computer for tweeting or you can use tools like Posterous or Nutshell that allow you to send and recive tweets through regular office email. Here is another option if is blocked by your office, you use your twitter account by third party sites like Brizzly or Dabr.
                               Second one method is, if you want to use twitter without letting anyone, you use Quitter, that is a simple twitter client which is run by command prompt or by DOS Window. By Quitter, you can read and reply to tweets, follow/unfollow peoples and you can also manage your Direct messages.
If you use Microsoft Office then Spreadtweet is the best option for you, with this you can receive updates, reply and also your direct messages.

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