Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Login Your Facebook By Three Passwords

It is very interesting that you login your Facebook account by three passwords in which one will the main password that is created by you and another can be made by toggling the case of characters that form your original password.
For example, if your password of Facebook is nitin@nSingh, then, you convert it uppercase letter to lowercase and toggled password will be NITIN@NsINGH., you can try this by logging into your Facebook account.
               You can also use multiples username as well as password for login. The default username is the email address which is associated with your Facebook account but you can also use your username for login. And if you already registered your mobile number at the time of account creation, you can also use your mobile number as your username at the time of login.
 Thus, if you have accidentally enabled CAPS Lock On the keyboard, the toggled password would still work on Facebook.

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